About Us

    In this competitive business environment, Zan Fung Packaging was established for almost 30 years successfully due to great reputation, excellent customer service and high quality products . Our company can provide professional custom-made packaging solution for different customer in different scenarios. Since 1994, Zan Fung Packaging has built up large customer base in global market which include Food manufacturing Industry, Automotive Industry, Hospitality Industry, Agricultural Industry, Transportation Industry, Supermarket, Fresh food store and so on.

    All of the staff in Zan Fung Packaging has been well trained and committed for improving the service effectiveness. By applying Quality Management System, our company could ensure the customer’s expectation could be achieved. We take pride in customer satisfaction and believe that the price you see should be the price you pay. Besides from satisfying customer’s needs and wants, Zan Fung Packaging are here to provide additional value while simultaneously creating pleasant cooperation and memorable experiences for all customers.
    Always be innovation and creative in the packaging process which deliver the valuable services for all customer in global market.

    Aiming to become the foremost choice in Packaging Industry that consistently exceeds customer’s expectation. We strive to be the leading one-stop plastic packaging centre in the global market by delivering top valuable products and services to customers.